Waldfrieden Wonderland Festival Stemwede

Waldfrieden Wonderland Festival Stemwede
€64.00 *

Prices incl. VAT

+ 5€ trash deposit + 1€ PsyClean per ticket 

Ticket is sent by mail after payment

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  • <p><strong>Der Ticket-Preis enthält 5€ Müllpfand, die du bei Rückgabe eines gefüllten Müllbeutels zurückerhältst.<br></strong><strong>1€ des Ticketpreises geht direkt an PsyClean.</strong></p> <p>Der Einlass ist ab 21 Jahren und nur mit Ausweis möglich. Camping ist im Ticket enthalten.<br>Foto- und Filmaufnahmen mit Handy oder Kamera sind auf dem Gelände nicht erlaubt.</p> <p>Druck dein Ticket aus oder speichere es auf deinem Handy ab.<br>Verlass dich nicht auf das Handy-Netz vor Ort, der Empfang kann im Wald sehr schlecht sein.<br>15% des Ticketpreises stellen Verwaltungskosten dar, die im Falle einer Stornierung nicht zurückerstattet werden.</p>
ATTENTION: ONLY FOR PEOPLE FROM STEMWEDE! Persons who are registered in Stemwede will... more
Waldfrieden Wonderland Festival Stemwede


Persons who are registered in Stemwede will receive the ticket at a reduced price. To use the Stemwede ticket you have to be registered in Stemwede and bring an identity card to the festival, which shows that you have your residence in Stemwede!

You get an e-ticket (electronic ticket) to print out yourself or to save on your cell phone.

There will be an additional 5 Euro trash deposit per ticket, which you will get back after the festival when you return a filled garbage bag. Another Euro per ticket goes directly to the PsyClean team.

Camping is included in the ticket!

You can also book a camping pitch with electricity here.


Important information about the ticket

Print the ticket or save it to your smart phone. Do not rely on the cell phone network on site, network signal can be very poor in the forest.
Admission only from 18 years and with valid ID, driver's license or passport, no copy, no parent's permission!
Don't buy tickets from strangers or people you can't trust! Each QR code is valid only once. Theoretically, it is always possible that one person sells the same ticket to several people. Only the first person who shows it at the gate will get in.

Forest law
There is no place for racism, sexism and homophobia at the Waldfrieden parties, look out for each other and treat each other with respect! If you feel harassed or you observe something, please contact the security or bar staff for help. Also, please do not take photos, leave dogs at home, do not use graffiti / eddings and confetti, and do not throw any trash into nature! The rules in detail can be found here with further explanations.

Traffic controls by the police on arrival and departure must be expected, use the free bus shuttle from the station Lemförde and Rahden.

All information about the festival can be found here.